Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A Very Important Moment in My Mothering Career

There's so much to say, so much to tell, about what I learned over the past few weeks. I have been initiated into a whole new level of parenting. It's called PROM.

Prom is SUCH a bigger deal than it was when I was in High School!! But with Kate's guidance and unending patience, she helped me know what needs to be done to make Prom a special evening for your daughter.

Once all the asking and answering has been done (this activity is, in and of itself, a HUGE production, but I already knew that...) and she has a date, you hope he's organized and plans the evening. Then all you have to do is get a gown (good luck finding something modest), a clutch, shoes, jewelry, hair, nails, makeup, and a boutonniere. I suggest you start WEEKS in advance shopping--even before she has been asked, just to be safe.

You should also plan for your daughter to be gone most of the day of Prom. It is called a DAY DATE. This is worth skipping school, and don't bother arguing about it, because you won't win.

DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT schedule a chiropractor appointment for yourself the afternoon of Prom. This will not leave you enough time to get her hair done, especially if she has miles of hair like Kate does. If you find yourself getting home from the hair appointment at 5:00 and her date is picking her up at 5:45, just do the best you can. It doesn't do anyone any good if you get upset. Help your little girl with her nails and her makeup, and zip her into her beautiful satin gown, and hope your failing vision doesn't prevent you from seeing the microscopic hook and eye. Then you help her find her phone while her date is waiting downstairs and you're both whispering furtively because you haven't taken the traditional pictures yet, and she can't focus on anything else because she can't find her phone.

Carefully snap a photo or two while she's digging through the pockets of her jeans.

Try not to make too much noise taking photos
while her date is waiting downstairs.

Photograph The Descent
(and be glad the dirty dishes aren't
piled above the edge of the sink in the background!)

Watch while he puts on her lovely wrist corsage
(it had a pearly bracelet!!)

Hope she doesn't poke him
as she struggles with the boutonniere
(this would be worth practicing beforehand...)

Still working on it...


The traditional "smile while Mom cries..."

"...and cries some more...."

Her carriage awaits,

And away they go!!

And then you go stand in the cold,
and wait,
for the actual PROMENADE.
If you want to sit, you have to buy a ticket.

But she's so beautiful,
and it's worth it to watch her
coming down the stairs, beaming.
You just pray and pray that
she doesn't trip!!

And then they go back up the stairs,
and you, and she, and he, breathe
a sigh of relief.

Then you go home and get warm,
and wait for her to come home
and tell you all about it.

And I suggest you let her sleep in the next morning!


Sharon said...

She looks absolutely stunning! What a fun day that must have been for both of you.

Erica said...

I love the part about having miles of hair lol ;)

Kazzy said...

This is indeed a big mothering moment. She is gorgeous and always looks so happy in the photos you post.

Anna B said...

kate is SO gorgeous--what a fantastic dress!!

Kim said...

Ah, what a proud Mom you must be! Kate looked gorgeous! Love the dress, too. Good job, Mama Cutchins.

Lee and Melody said...

Simply gorgeous. Oh, thanks for all the pictures! And the advice- as with everything else in life, I'm glad I get to follow the example you set ahead of me! I love you and your beautiful daughter! And the rest of your family! And your goofy puppy!

And for the record, at the beginning of the post I read PROM and the dorky nurse in me wondered, "Why is she posting about premature rupture of membranes?" *geek sigh*