Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Something Very Scary

To tell you the truth, I'm not really scared of very many things.  Well, not REALLY scared.  I'm scared of scary movies, like, I just don't watch them.  And I'm kind of scared of the dark.  And I'm scared of things with bags over their heads.  And I hate snakes, and lightning kind of gives me the shivers.

But I'm REALLY scared of earthquakes.  And hurricanes.  And tornadoes.  And so the past few months have been scary for me.  But I've been a brave girl, because after all, I haven't actually been in any of the places that these events have happened.  But you'll never guess what I saw the other day when I was nervously watching the National Weather Service website as a huge line of storms moved across the midwest.  And all the red "Tornado Warning" colors were right on top of Western Missouri.

I saw a Storm  Report that said, "Touchdown Confirmed in Kearney." 

And for just a second, my heart stopped beating, and I was very, very scared.  All my prayers flew straight up to heaven, and I started to cry.  That's how scared I was.  Because my son is in Kearney.  And the next few hours were the kind of hours that leave me feeling sick and exhausted.  Thank goodness for a cool-headed husband and friends on the ground in Kearney who could check on him and make sure he was OK.

And he was OK, and I breathed again.  And today he told me he will send pictures...which I'm not sure I have the stomach to look at.  But I will look, and I will be so grateful that it wasn't any worse.

And then I'll work on my "stay cool and don't panic" skills.  And to all my co-workers--my most sincere apologies for the very, very unprofessional behavior!!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

You Can Thank Me Later

Back when I used to be on Facebook, I was always jealous when I'd see an old friend from High School who looked all slim and trim and not a day over 30.  And I'd feel sad because they were looking at pictures of me a full SEVENTY POUNDS heavier than I was when I graduated from High School.  And they would say some stupid thing like, "Oh my gosh!  You look exactly the same!"

And I would say it right out loud, to my computer and anyone else who happened to be in the room:  "You are a LIAR."

Once, I ran into an old friend on campus.  This is someone that I spent a great deal of time with back in the day.  I was also walking with my husband, who is also friends with this friend.  And the BUM didn't even recognize me.  (Who did he think it was holding hands with my husband is what I want to know?!)  That is what SEVENTY POUNDS will do, my friends.

But, I'd like to tell you all that you can thank me later for being the one who got fat, so you can all feel good about yourselves.

You're very welcome.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Monday, May 23, 2011

To You, You Know Who You Are...

Dear You,

I think you had a very difficult thing happen this past week.  My heart is aching for you.  I want to help, I want to be there for you, but I don't know exactly what to do.  Your struggle is none of my business, but I love you and I care about what you are struggling with.

We've kind of had a long distance friendship, but we've always been there for each other, I think.  You have been there for me many times, when I just needed some understanding or some sympathy.  You've also been there for me when I needed a kick in the pants.

I really, really want to be there for you now.  But I don't quite know how.  I hope you are OK.  I hope your family is OK.  I sent you an email but I don't know if I have your right address, and I hesitate to call, because that might be too nosy.  Please call me or send me an email, if you want to talk or whatever.

I'm worried about you.

With much love and many, many hugs,


Sunday, May 22, 2011

On a Quiet Sunday Evening

I was sitting at the computer, writing a letter to my missionary.  Dennis came in with his jacket on and said, "Hey, let's go for a walk!"  (Actually, he said, "Fancy a walk?" but...I don't know...didn't seem like it wanted to come out that way when I typed it...)

I said, "No.  I don't fancy a walk."  I never fancy a walk when the dog is going, on account of that he's so freaking stupid, and tries to knock me down.  I can do that all by myself, thankyouverymuch!

So Dennis went into the kitchen, and next thing I know, Kate is coming downstairs looking for her shoes.  Apparently, she DOES fancy a walk.  And plus, she said she didn't want Daddy to be lonely.  (I'm such a loser wife...)

So off they went.  Dennis and Kate and the Dumb Dog.  I continued with my letter, until I got distracted by a sound.  A loud sound.  A loud, something-lashing-the-window sound.  "Ooohh.  It's raining!"  I thought to myself.  And I wondered how the walkers were faring.

And it wasn't just any rain--it was the kind of rain that goes sideways through the air in flying, swirling sheets.  The walkers came home about 15 minutes later, drenched to the skin.  Dripping hair, dripping faces, dripping shirts and pants.  Dripping, I say!!

"How was your walk?" I ask.  "GREAT!" they cried in joyful unison.

I TOTALLY should have gone!!!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Looking Forward

Things I am looking forward to (in no particular order):

1. The weekend
2. A family reunion
3. Our trip to Florida
4. Our trip to Lake Powell
5. My back getting better (this WILL happen, won't it???)
6. School getting out
7. Summer weather
8. Putting the new cushions on my porch swing
9. Fresh cherries
10. Setting up the pool

It would appear I am looking forward to summer. This has been the longest, wettest, coldest spring I can remember. And I can remember a LOT of springs!!

When I was in college, I remember that the lilacs were just starting to bloom when it was time to go home for the summer--and that would have been mid to late April. This year, it is mid May, and the lilacs just came on.

Although, to be fair, there must have been some sun somewhere, because Wade is already as brown as a little Indian, with a CRAZY farmer's tan.

So, Summer, I'm ready whenever you are!!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Wednesday with Words

I know it should be Wordless Wednesday, but today, I have some words.

Just wanted to post about my amazing Mother's Day, in which I got to talk to my Missionary. He looks good and he sounds good and he's working hard and doing his best. I'm so proud of him. And it was SO GOOD to talk to him!!

There he is!
Thank goodness for SKYPE!

See? I told you he looks good.

Here was my bright idea...
"Let's take a family photo!" I said.
"Good idea!" my family said.

Good idea...

That's my boy!

And some things never change....

I told you.
He's still Paul!

And then he played his guitar for us.
He's very good, you know.

Good for my heart, that's what.

And that, my friends,
is what I call a
Happy Mother's Day!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011