Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Something Very Scary

To tell you the truth, I'm not really scared of very many things.  Well, not REALLY scared.  I'm scared of scary movies, like, I just don't watch them.  And I'm kind of scared of the dark.  And I'm scared of things with bags over their heads.  And I hate snakes, and lightning kind of gives me the shivers.

But I'm REALLY scared of earthquakes.  And hurricanes.  And tornadoes.  And so the past few months have been scary for me.  But I've been a brave girl, because after all, I haven't actually been in any of the places that these events have happened.  But you'll never guess what I saw the other day when I was nervously watching the National Weather Service website as a huge line of storms moved across the midwest.  And all the red "Tornado Warning" colors were right on top of Western Missouri.

I saw a Storm  Report that said, "Touchdown Confirmed in Kearney." 

And for just a second, my heart stopped beating, and I was very, very scared.  All my prayers flew straight up to heaven, and I started to cry.  That's how scared I was.  Because my son is in Kearney.  And the next few hours were the kind of hours that leave me feeling sick and exhausted.  Thank goodness for a cool-headed husband and friends on the ground in Kearney who could check on him and make sure he was OK.

And he was OK, and I breathed again.  And today he told me he will send pictures...which I'm not sure I have the stomach to look at.  But I will look, and I will be so grateful that it wasn't any worse.

And then I'll work on my "stay cool and don't panic" skills.  And to all my co-workers--my most sincere apologies for the very, very unprofessional behavior!!


Anna B said...

i'm so glad that he's ok!!

heath said...

I've always wanted to see a tornado, but only from a very far distance. Because from what I gather from people that go through them, they are very scary. I'm glad your son is ok! It's no good when you can't dial up your kids on a phone to make sure they're all right.

Kim said...

That would scare the dickens out of me. I still have tornado nightmares...I blame it on the 12 years I spent growing up in Indiana and way too many tornado warnings. Yikes! But I am VERY glad he is ok!!!!

Kazzy said...

Having driven through the midwest umpteen times, it is a scary thing when storms come rolling in. Seriously, in a matter of minutes it is pitch black and hailstones are hammering your car.

Paul is living amongst pros at this kind of weather. He will be safe. Not to mention the special blessings of protection. :)

Did I tell you we are doing a cross-country trip in a few weeks???

Hubba said...

I wish I was still your co-worker and sitting right by you sharing stories again. I'm glad he's ok. Miss you