Saturday, July 9, 2011

I've Been Everywhere, Man....

Since June 17, I have traveled to:

St. George, Kansas
Manhattan, Kansas
Wamego, Kansas
Enid, Oklahoma
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Norman, Oklahoma
Memphis, Tennessee
Freeport, Florida
DeFuniak Springs, Florida
Grayton Beach, Florida
Chipley, Florida
Cottondale, Florida
West Memphis, Arkansas
Earle, Arkansas
Denver, Colorado

I have seen where my son has been serving his mission (but I did NOT see my son!), I have been on the flight line and in the control tower at Vance Air Force Base, I visited the Oklahoma City Memorial Site (very, VERY special place), and seen the hail damage on my brother-in-law's house.  I stood on the football field in the stadium at Oklahoma University, I got tumbled around in the Gulf of Mexico, made a sand castle that looked like Goblin Valley, slept in the worst motel I have EVER been in, and watched the 4th of July fireworks over Elitch Gardens in Denver.  I have driven over 4,000 miles and played nearly that many games of Solitaire and Words with Friends.  I have driven through Utah, Wyoming, Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Mississippi, Alabama, Florida, Tennessee, and Colorado.

Man, I'm glad to be home!


Julie said...

That was some trip! Welcome home.

Erica said...

You totally deserved such an awesome trip! LOVE YA :)

Susan said...

That is a LOT of traveling!