Thursday, September 8, 2011

Potty Pod

When Isaac needs to take a potty break, he'll often take Dennis's or my iPod along for entertainment.  I assumed he was playing Plants vs. Zombies or watching Phineas and Ferb on NetFlix.

Apparently, I was mistaken.

I wonder how iPods do with Clorox wipes?? 


heath said...

Oh my goodness, that is too funny. Did he get embarrassed when you found the pictures on there, or did you find them because he showed them to you?

Melody said...

LOL out loud! Oh, that was hilarious. I feel inspired to post some of Wyatt's potty antics too...only when he goes, he perches/squats on the potty like a gargoyle, so the angles are a litte...funny. I love it! And I love you!

Marianne said...

Heather, he doesn't know. I found them after he left for school this morning. He won't be emabarrassed that I saw them, but he might be when he sees them on the blog... then again, he may be like his older brothers and just be PROUD.

Erica said... This is hilarious!!!!!!!!! Seriously. This is TOO good.

Anna B said...

that is totally awesome! seriously brilliant idea, taking the pod to the potty!

Kazzy said...

I love it! Self-portraits is the thing lately. I do those too, only not when I am in the loo. :)