Sunday, October 9, 2011

2:48 on a Sunday Afternoon

Church goes from 1:00 to 4:00.

I'm clearly not there.

I feel SUPER guilty.

I'm a church SLUFFER.  I'm truant.  It's an unexcused absence!  Do you think it will affect my grade?

Some days I can only do so much, you know?  I had to do all the chores I would have normally done on Saturday on Friday, because on Saturday I was up in Salt Lake all day with Kate for All-State Choir.  Didn't get home until almost 11:00, and fell in to bed exhausted.   Dennis and Wade weren't even home yet from the BYU football game.  Whose stupid idea was it to have the game so late?  Got up this morning--Dennis already gone to meetings, kids all need showers, need to fix dinner before church so we can eat right after church because we have company coming over.  Choir practice is right before church, so I have to leave an hour before everyone else. 

Kate is going up to the airport to drop off Romain, and I've been teary all morning just thinking about it. 

Andy came home from his mission on Friday--saw him at church today--he looks GREAT.  And he's home.  That means Paul will be home soon, and we still don't have a place to put him.  Are returning missionaries offended when they come home and have to sleep on the couch?

So I just feel overwhelmed.  I'm tired.  (I'm hungry, too...that can't help matters, now can it?)  Life is good.  But it's busy.  And I feel like I need a break. 

But you know what they say...NO REST FOR THE WICKED.

And as proof that I'm wicked, I'm skipping church.


Anna B said...

it's football season, so i'm pretty sure you get a bye week, right? i mean, all the nfl teams do.

Erica said...

You are so funny. You are not wicked!!! Oh and I think that picking up your son from his mission is enough ;) Haven't you seen The RM? His parents weren't there but of course you will be!

Erica said...

PS. I am SO excited to see you this weekend :) I am also playing in the Sails, Winds and Echoes.

Annie said...

Marianne, you are clearly NOT wicked. That does remind me, though, I was babysitting on Friday and the little 4 year-old kept running up to me and saying, "You are wicked!" and then giggling and running away. Guess that means his parents read the scriptures to him.

Kazzy said...

Been there and so done that. You do so many good things.

Meredith said...

You're right. You're totally going to hell. I'll come too.