Friday, February 10, 2012

A Life Full of Laughter

One of my favorite things about my life is how much laughter there is.  My husband is a funny guy.  My kids are hilarious.  My friends are happy and fun, and there is a lot of laughing.

When Kate got asked to the boys' choice dance last night, we all laughed, because MC drew a funny picture that said, "Will work for love."  And gave Kate about a million blue candy canes.  The back of the picture said, "To find out who asked you to the dance, use these candy canes to spell out MC."  It was funny and we all laughed.

We laughed when Paul said his dinner smelled funny and he didn't want to eat it.  We laughed when Kate said, "Stop smelling it and just eat it!"

We laughed again when Paul and Nicole were arguing about the difference between back scratches and back caresses and back tickles.  Paul was demonstrating what a caress looks like on the Brita pitcher.  That was pretty funny and we all laughed.

Even when Dennis put a pan of oil to heat on the stove and then went outside to help Paul move furniture, and there was smoke billowing through the house and the pan burst into flames and he grabbed the pan and ran it outside, we all laughed because instead of smothering the fire or just dropping the pan in the mud and snow, he started waving the flaming pan around trying to get the fire out.  It was funny.  And since the house didn't burn down, we laughed.

Life is hard sometimes, and I am just so grateful to be surrounded by people who make me smile, and more importantly, make me laugh.


Natalie said...

You make me smile every time I read your blog. Oh and when you comment on your dumb dog (just remember I live with his mother and feel your pain, she is affectionately known as the retard in our house)I apologize, I didn't know ;-)

Sharon said...

It's so nice when we can laugh through both the good and tough times! It's a skill I'm still working on, but it's well worth it!

Anna B said...

that is hilarious! i'm so glad that dennis did not burn down the house. yay for laughter--it really does make life both livable and worth living.

Anna said...

I just love your cute little family. You just made me laugh and cry all at once reading the last month of posts. (okay, so maybe I had already been crying because I just watched Fried Green Tomatoes, but your blog helped keep the tears a comin') Love you!

heath said...

It's amazing how laughing can change a situation that might have been one of those "We don't talk about that time in this house" situations to one that is funny because, after all, the house didn't burn down!

Kazzy said...

I seriously have NO IDEA how people make it through a normal day when there is no laughing. It is like breathing and eating to me, for sure! Glad you guys have so much fun!