Saturday, March 3, 2012

Words of Wisdom

Isaac has been working hard in school lately.  Every week, one of his homework assignments is to use his spelling words in a sentence.  Isaac tries very hard to use as many words as he can in each sentence, and he comes up with some pretty amazing sentences!  Especially since he doesn't always know the meaning of the words he is using...  For example:

1.  The soil was spoiled in foil.
2.  He enjoys rude soybeans.
3.  The coins are loyal to the checkpoint.
4.  The voice shook the joyful spoon.
5.  The coy person pointed to a boiled egg.
6.  The toiling person made a choice to be noisy.
7.  I make noise.

1.  The plack took a scoop from his tooth and chewed on it.
2.  The huge cruise was spooky.
3.  He threw his hue colred ball.
4.  The bird roosted.
5.  He strewn juice everyware!
6.  His chute has cubes in it.
7.  "I have proof that moods can change our day!" said Bob.
8.  The smooth dune stuck to me like glue.
9.  The rude guy was mute.

1.  The magic cubes take turns turning mules into loops.
2.  He shook the clue jar with a gloom spoon.
3.  He throws his shoe in the stew.
4.  Look at the rude blue tube!
5.  He had a firm true childhood.
6.  The goose in the classroom learns.

Or there's this gem:

My cammle yelled, "You smell!"
I sculded, "Bad cammle!"
You screamed, "A talking cammle!"

He also worked very hard on his animal report, complete with homemade habitat box:

Penguins are fun animals.  Let's explore their world!

Penguins are black and white sea birds that live in Antarctica.  Penguins aren't like normal birds.  Unlike most, they swim!  Penguins have feathers.  But not like a normal bird.  Theirs are ment for swimming.  Penguins can't fly.  A bird like a robin was bilt for flying.  Penguins  are made for swimming.  Not flying.  Penguins look sort of like normal birds.  But you can't see their legs!

I think my favorite breed is the Emperor Penguin.  They stand two to three feet tall!

Penguins prefer ice cold areas.  Basically, all penguins ever see is ice.  Antarctica only gets about two inches of snow each year!

Penguins like to eat krill, fish, and squid.  Most of them hunt for food in the ocean!

Penguins' young are called chicks.  Chicks sit under their mom's or dad's brood patch till they are old enough to go out.  If you see a chick it won't look like a penguin at all!  It has a black beak, it's fuzzy, and its feet are black, too!

Penguins' chicks like to slide down hill on their tummy.  Penguins aren't the only birds that can't fly!  Penguins' feathers are water proof!  Emperor Penguins' eye brows are orange!

Now you have explored the amazing world of penguins!

1.  Wikipedia
2.  Mind

Don't you wish you were as smart as my third grader?


Erica said...

His sentences are very creative; what a smart cutie!

Caroldean said...

And remember that there are NO penguins in Madagascar!

Meredith said...

So cute. Love it.

heath said...

My two favorites: the quote by Bob and that he listed his mind in his bibliography. What an awesome kid.

Kazzy said...

LOL I LOVE his bibliography!

Kim said...

That is priceless. If only we could have used our minds on bibliographies in college too. :) What a keeper!

Natalie said...

I loved his resources :) another awesome Cutchins out to change the world.

Melody said...

That is the best bibliography I have ever seen, ever! And he does have a firm, true childhood. I love it!