Friday, August 31, 2012

Guess What I Just Did??

I just got back from the most amazing evening!  Yes, Mandy Patinkin.  Live.  It was SO FREAKING FANTASTIC.  It was fun--he sang the Hokey Pokey in Yiddish and he made us all dance.  Then we yelled Mazel Tov as he stepped on the wedding glass.  It was powerful--he sang "Being Alive," and "Children and Art."  It was perfect.

I have loved this voice since I first heard him sing as Georges Seurat in "Sunday in the Park with George," and then when he showed up on Chicago Hope, I started watching just for the occasions when he would visit his wife in the asylum and he would play the piano and sing.  Of course, I loved him from Princess Bride and Yentl, but he really doesn't get to use his pipes in either of those roles!

When he sang Archibald Craven in "The Secret Garden," my life was never the same.  "Race You to the Top of the Morning" melts me, and "Lily's Eyes" rendered me useless for hours the first time I heard him sing it.  And "How Could I Ever Know" breaks my heart every time I hear it.  His voice is so powerful and emotional.

And then, after an amazing performance, and only one encore when we could have stood ten, he came out on the stage and


"My name is Inigo Montoya."  (delirious cheering)
"You killed my father."  (jumping and screaming)
"Prepare to die." (BEST. NIGHT. EVER.)

And then he ran off the stage and that was that.

You can knock living in Provo all you want.  I don't even care.  Because I get to go to things like this. Often.  And it is SO WORTH IT.


heath said...

That is awesome. What an amazing, fun night.

heath said...

And I guess that's worth missing my party for (although we did have a pretty amazing yo-yo show by one of only three? yo-yo Grandmasters; kind of a toss-up).

Erica said...

holy canoly! I didn't realize he was that guy in Princess Bride!!!! love it!