Saturday, October 27, 2012

A Tale of Three Dogs

We have a dog.  His name is Mickey, and he is eight years old.  He's a little on the stupid side, but he is so dang cute, and we've had him since he was a pup--so in spite of his exceeding dumbness, we love him.  But he is NOT a house dog, so he lives in his dog run in the summer, and during the winter, we bring his dog house up on to the patio and give him free run of the backyard.  He gets to sleep in his kennel in the warm kitchen at night.  Not a bad life for a dog.  But I wonder sometimes if he gets a little lonely...

Our next-door neighbors also have a dog.  This dog is a wolf.  Well, he might not really be a wolf, but he sure looks like one!  And he's kind of schizo.  He acts like a frightened cat.  But he's alone in his backyard most of the day, and I KNOW he gets lonely, because he keeps bashing holes in the fence and coming over to visit Mickey.  He used to do it all the time, and then we fixed the fence, so he didn't come over for quite a while.  But in the past week or so, he's been over every day, and at all hours of the night.  Sometimes when I come down to the kitchen at 6:30 in the morning to make lunches, there's that wolf, hanging out by the patio door, waiting for Mickey to play.  I don't really mind--he's a pretty good boy as wolf dogs go, and he and Mickey seem to enjoy each others dog company.

Well,  Paul and Nicole have been wanting a dog for...well, forever.  Several months ago, Paul found a poor little stray basset hound wandering alone in the hills near our home.  Paul took this little doggie up and down the street asking all the neighbors if it was theirs, and they all said no, but he had been living in the neighborhood as a stray for at least a week.  He was obviously NOT a stray, but someone's lost little boy, because he was friendly and trained and obedient.  He was also hungry and lonely, so Paul brought him home and named him Tuffy.  The bad news is that Paul and Nicole can't have pets in their apartment, and their landlord already made an exception for their chickens, since they don't actually live IN the apartment.  But they couldn't keep Tuffy.  So we kept him for a while, while Paul called the Animal Shelter every few days to see if anyone had come looking for him.  No one had, and no one did.  This went on for over a week.

But one day, a  man was walking down our street pushing his little baby in a stroller, and Tuffy was barking (Tuffy ALWAYS barks--a big, howly basset hound bark...).  The man stopped dead in his tracks and stared at our house for a minute,  and then he quickly walked away.  Ten minutes later he was back at our house in his truck, asking if we had recently found a lost little basset hound.  We told him we had, and he eagerly gave a detailed description of Tuffy and asked if it matched the dog we found.  Of course, it did--down to the funny way his right foot turns out a little bit--so we took him into the backyard and Tuffy came running happily to his real owner.  And that was that.  Tuffy (NORM??) went home.

Fast forward to last week when Nicole was window shopping dogs on KSL, and guess who she found FREE TO A GOOD HOME?  It seems like destiny!  So Tuffy is back, spending his days in our backyard with Mickey.  Paul and Nicole come over to see him every day, and so does our wolf dog friend!

For a mom who can barely tolerate having one dog, here is what we've had lately:

SIGH.  The fun just never ends around here!


Rachel said...

Thanks for making me chuckle! Man, life keeps you on your toes, doesn't it? At least this time it isn't too bad. :) I love how they seem like good friends.

Kate said...

Mam, I like the way you write. I also like our party yard with all those cute dogs in it.

Melody said...

I want to bring Skeeter to your dog party! I like Tuffy, I'm glad he found his way home and then to his REAL home. Pet all those dogs for me, and have them all hug you (I guess they'll lick and sniff and jump) from me too!

Mireia Serra Martí said...

Your boy is very beautiful, but no more than Ozan jajajaja drcks or twems (i dont know) are the best! I love we<3