Sunday, November 18, 2012

From the Bottom of My Heart

Saturday afternoon I came home from running errands, etc. and I could see that there was a little package in my mailbox.

"WOO HOO!" I thought.  "Amazon comes through for me again!"  I figured it was probably one of my recent Christmas orders.  But then I thought some more, and do you know what?  All my recent Amazon orders have been delivered, so it was really and truly a random surprise package!  The very best kind!!

And guess what, EVEN BETTER, it was for ME!!!  Not for Dennis or one of the kids.  FOR ME.

So I sneaked it in to the house before anyone else could see and start grabbing and asking, "What is that? Is it for me?"  Because, no thank you, it is for ME!

It was from an address that I didn't recognize, but the city on the return address gave me a moment's pause.  I actually know two people who live in this city, and I wondered if by some happy chance, one of them had sent me a little present?  Especially after my last whiny blog post?  Maybe?  How awesome would that be, and how amazingly timely and how terribly, terribly needed?!

So my hands shook a little bit while I carefully opened the package, because I was really excited and was trying to savor the moment.  Plus I didn't want to tear anything important.  And then, some tears started falling out of  my eyes, and my heart burst wide open with joy, because my friend sent me THREE bars of very special chocolate and a lovely card that instructed me, nay commanded me, to NOT SHARE ANY OF IT!  And the card also said other lovely things that literally had me sobbing, because....well....because....


I actually go around a lot of the time feeling unlovable, and like I'm pretty much a big fat dud.  And this beautiful card said that I am NOT unlovable, and that I am NOT a big fat dud!  My friend loves me, and she loves me enough to send me special chocolate and a sweet, sweet card.

Now, I do not tell you this so you will all feel obligated to send me presents in the mail.  Although that would be pretty awesome, the truth is, I just wanted to tell my friend how incredibly wonderful she made me feel.  My heart does a happy dance every time I see that little pile of chocolate and that thoughtful and super cute card.  I want to tell her, from the bottom of my heart, how much I needed that, and how much, much, much I appreciate it.

And now, a thought to end my blog post:  The Lord can't be sending me chocolate in the mail to cheer me up every time I get down.  But He has blessed me with friends who can send me chocolate, and friends who leave me sweet and optimistic and loving comments on my blog, and friends who let me have my fuss and are still my friends anyway, and that is how I know He loves me.

So thank you my friends, all of you, for taking the time.  It means so SO much to me.


Rachel said...

You know, you really are one of the most lovely and fantastic ladies I know. You ARE loved!

Melody said...

I wish I had sent you chocolate. Korean chocolate is not that good, but I saw a Russell Stover marshmallow Santa at the commissary today and I missed you. Actually I miss you all the time, and I love you!

Susan said...

You are completely loveable and deserve only good things. You are an amazing person, Marianne. I am blessed to know you.

Kim said...

What a special surprise! :) What I love about you, Marianne, is that you may be feeling down and unloveable yourself, and yet you still manage to lift up and take the time to make everyone around feel SO LOVED. You are awesome and I miss you! Hang in there, I hope life and that darn new job get a little easier. :) And cheers for yummy chocolate!!!