Thursday, August 7, 2014

Upon Further Thought

I've been looking over this cute little blog, and reading some of my older posts, and I asked myself an important question.

"Why haven't you kept up with this blog?"

Ummm....because I've been really busy?  Because I've been really grouchy?  I don't know...I just haven't.

But I've been thinking about it, and I think I should try to do a little better.  There have been lots of great things happening in our lives, and I should document them so I don't forget.  Like Kate's beautiful wedding.  Like Paul and Nicole expecting a sweet little baby girl in a few months.  Like my parents' upcoming 50th wedding anniversary.

I think I can do it.  I'll commit to doing it.

Here's to me and my blog!

Photo:  Mark Philbrick


Sharon said...

Hurray! Every time I read something from you (or see pictures), it always makes my day!

And, that is a fabulous photo of you, by the way! :)

Liz Lambson said...

THE Mark Philbrick took your photo? You're a star! I'm also very excited you're back on the blogging saddle! I've missed you!

Jessie said...

Yay!!! I've missed you. You look wonderful, BTW. So happy to hear about all those great things going on. I have some exciting news too: we're moving back to Provo!! We bought a house up on Grandview. We should go to lunch sometime!

Julie said...


Rachel said...

You look so beautiful in that picture! I, too, re-commit to blogging. What a wonderful way to document life.

Susan said...

That is a great picture. I've missed hearing from you!

Kim said...


Jenny said...

Love the photo! And the idea of more posts from you!